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Weasler Engineering is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechanical power transmission products for Agricultural and Lawn and Turf Machinery.





Weasler @ SIMA 2017

Looking back at the 2017 SIMA show in Paris:

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Not just another friction clutch

Weasler Engineering BV celebrated another success story recently with introduction of the M-type friction clutch, together with a double telescoping PTO drive shaft, on a market leading brand of mower.

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Weasler at the 2017 SIMA in Paris!

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Hier dreht sich was! Weasler in German Profi Magazine (March 2017)

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Weasler at SIMA 2017 in Paris (26 Feb – 02 March)

Below a look back at Weasler at the previous SIMA: ٥杶+e{7ۉ^bWnrn(+^qzuMŢuקqzkqz|qzۡܿ٥