Not Just Another Friction Clutch

Weasler Engineering BV celebrated another success story recently with introduction of the M-type friction clutch, together with a double telescoping PTO drive shaft, on a market leading brand of mower.

The Problem

High vibration was causing the competitor clutch to operate unreliably. The customer was having continuous problems and came to Weasler for a solution.

The Solution

Weasler proposed the M-Type Friction Clutch. This was introduced into the field on a test basis and feed-back and operating results carefully studied. The results were impressive. The problems were solved and Weasler’s solution was selected.

The M-Type friction clutch is the only torque limiter that has the ability to continuously transmit power while overloaded. This valuable during start-up of high inertia machines, as well as leveling out torsional fluctuations due to high cyclic loads.

It features patented technology which works to dissipate heat quickly to improve durability and protect the machine.